Terms and Conditions

1. The offer is available to Clients based within distance of 30 miles from Harrow
2. Offer applies to existing Clients and their family and friends.
3. The Offer can be withdrawn:
– if the Client does not meet his responsibilities.
– This Offer is limited in time and availability
– Without given reasons

Client Responsibilities

1. Client will assume responsibility to remove from any and all work areas, all household and personal items (with the exception of large furniture such as sofas and beds), and store those items away from the work area during the duration of the job. Contractor will not be held liable for damage to any items not removed from the work area.
2. Client need to supply all needed materials one day before works starts.
3. Minimum painting surface is 2 rooms/ 80m2 for day of work.
4. Offer is for domestic customers only.

Quality standards:

1. All materials will be applied according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
2. All surface preparation, coating application shall meet or exceed industry standards. You are hiring a experienced, professional contractors from Decor Full. Elements of the job will meet or exceed normal accepted practices in the industry.

Quality work includes:

1. Correct and esthetic cut between colors
2. Correct coating application (previous coat is not visible)
3. Even finnish

Final look of coated surface depends on condition before painting


Two types of damages:

Client decides about removal of damages.
There is no guarantee on damages apart from damages occurred from contactor fault

Client decides about paint quality.
The quality of work is always done to the highest standard and there is no place for price negotiation.